“These are the stories we teach our children”

The following quotation is from Short Street galleries website in association with their exhibition “These are the stories we teach our children” – In memory of Kunmanara Williamson. An exhibition from the women artists of Amata.

These works remind us of the imperative significance of inter-generational wisdom. Each work is weighted with a sense of importance, these are not just simple landscapes, they are imbued with meanings of things that are fundamental to our existence. In celebrating country, these women are emphasising the very nature and the significance of consciousness itself.


Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Nothing quite says “Spring is in the air” like a beautiful piece of Aboriginal art, complimented by bright colourful soft furnishings. This delicious vignette displays a real confidence in the mixing of Gloria Petyarre’s soft fluid “Leaves Dreaming” with cushions in strong geometric black and white, yellow and chartreuse patterns. If only you could hear the sound of the ocean, lapping at the door!