Same painting, different atmosphere


Illustrating just what a difference the setting makes to a piece of art, here is the same painting by Evelyn Pultara as in the previous entry, this time hanging (up the other way) in an internal space, without a great deal of natural light, surrounded by modular cabinetry.

Here the painting is well balanced texturally by the wooden wall units running to its right and underneath. Having more space around it also adds to its sense of lightness and harmony.


Subtle beauty in the bedroom


As soon as I saw the delicate pastel tones of Evelyn Pultara’s Yam Dreaming, I imagined waking up to it in my bedroom each morning. Although this piece has great visual impact and scale – measuring 1530mm x 1800mm – the subtle lilac, blue and cream tones applied to the canvas with a large headed brush in an even smearing pattern, give it a dreamlike, slightly hazy appearance, perfect for welcoming a new day!!