My People’s Dreaming

I have just read Max Dulumunmun Harrison’s book “My People’s Dreaming”.
Beautifully illustrated with photography by Peter McConchie, the book speaks about life, land, spirit and forgiveness. In a clear, concise and simple narrative the author describes concepts such as The Dreaming, songlines, the spirits, totems, skin names, ceremony and many more intricate aspects of Aboriginal lore.

Max takes the reader on a visual journey of his country in the Gulaga Mountains, near the Shoalhaven river, carefully describing the physical nature of his land and the emotional and spiritual impact it has on himself, his two grandsons who accompany us on the journey, and his people.

I really appreciated the intimate way that Max imparted his knowledge and throughout out the book, I had the sense that he was talking directly to me in the most personal and gentle manner. I hope you get the chance to read this book, as it has given me an insight which is invaluable in my understanding of Aboriginal culture.


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