“These are the stories we teach our children”

The following quotation is from Short Street galleries website in association with their exhibition “These are the stories we teach our children” – In memory of Kunmanara Williamson. An exhibition from the women artists of Amata.

These works remind us of the imperative significance of inter-generational wisdom. Each work is weighted with a sense of importance, these are not just simple landscapes, they are imbued with meanings of things that are fundamental to our existence. In celebrating country, these women are emphasising the very nature and the significance of consciousness itself.


Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Nothing quite says “Spring is in the air” like a beautiful piece of Aboriginal art, complimented by bright colourful soft furnishings. This delicious vignette displays a real confidence in the mixing of Gloria Petyarre’s soft fluid “Leaves Dreaming” with cushions in strong geometric black and white, yellow and chartreuse patterns. If only you could hear the sound of the ocean, lapping at the door!

Dorothy Napangardi’s magnificent Mina Mina


Dorothy Napangardi’s Mina Mina masterpiece hanging at Fanuli Furniture Cremorne- 2000mm x 3000mm, showcased for the very first time. An extraordinary example of the amazing marriage between good contemporary design and the world’s oldest living culture . For all details please phone Fanuli on 02) 9908 2660.

Same painting, different atmosphere


Illustrating just what a difference the setting makes to a piece of art, here is the same painting by Evelyn Pultara as in the previous entry, this time hanging (up the other way) in an internal space, without a great deal of natural light, surrounded by modular cabinetry.

Here the painting is well balanced texturally by the wooden wall units running to its right and underneath. Having more space around it also adds to its sense of lightness and harmony.

Subtle beauty in the bedroom


As soon as I saw the delicate pastel tones of Evelyn Pultara’s Yam Dreaming, I imagined waking up to it in my bedroom each morning. Although this piece has great visual impact and scale – measuring 1530mm x 1800mm – the subtle lilac, blue and cream tones applied to the canvas with a large headed brush in an even smearing pattern, give it a dreamlike, slightly hazy appearance, perfect for welcoming a new day!!

The perfect Tingari by Ronnie Tjampitjinpa

IMG_1476 IMG_1469 IMG_1468 IMG_1466 IMG_1464 IMG_1462

When my colleague told me that Ronnie Tjampitjinpa was working with him, the timing was perfect for my new business artplacement.com.au to purchase a magnificent big black and white Tingari from the great man himself. The immaculate precision of this piece, painted specially at my request, will without a doubt, be a corner piece of the rental collection, as long as we can manoeuvre it’s 1900 x 1900mm frame into sometimes inaccessible client premises.

Please enjoy the progress shots, which I feel convey a real sense of calm and tranquility as Ronnie worked his way up and down the canvas.

Latest acquisition did not come quietly!

Latest acquisition did not come quietly!


Not a huge piece, but really pulling a punch, is my latest Sally Gabori acquisition purchased from Dallas Gold’s gallery Raft Artspace in Alice Springs. Having sat on the floor in Dallas’s gallery pouring over vibrant, energetic, stunning pieces by Sally Gabori on a few occasions, this particular painting kept haunting me until I bought it.

For me it is Sally’s unabashed placement of colour, perfectly balanced by an adjudicating strip of white, somewhere in the composition. Measuring 1000 x 1500mm, I look forward to hanging it along side one of Sally’s other paintings 1500 x 2000mm in some confident client’s foyer or Boardroom!